What Does CTFO Mean?

Learn About The Meaning of CTFO

CTFO means “Changing The Future Outcome” and this meaning is a slight change from the original which was “Chew The Fat Off.”

When it was established, its main product line was a variety of chewable loss-reduction products, hence the name Chew The Fat off.  But in late 2017 they entered the CBD products market and the company decided to rebrand.  The oils proved to be a brand new category that quickly over-took the sales volume and popularity of their flagship brands.  It seemed only natural to shift over into a broader meaning for the company’s acronym. 

CTFO Logos Over Time

It’s interesting to look at the different logos over time, as you can see the original used to have different lettering and colors, and on the far right is the current logo.  I’m sure over time there will be a few variations of the current logo to better reflect the direction of the company.  What CTFO means is less important than what it offers it’s associates (IMHO anyway).  

old chew the fat off logo
what is chew the fat off
definition of ctfo

CTFO uses the oil extracted from the Hemp plant in its products.  To learn about the history of hemp, please visit: http://www.hemp.com/history-of-hemp/

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