Reviewing CBD Companies

In looking into which company I should join, I poured over mountains of data from some of the most popular CBD MLM companies out there. That research led to my CTFO CBD Reviews site. Here's why CTFO ended up being my top choice.

Most Important Questions Asked & Answered

Required Start Up Costs


I was really surprised when I finally signed up that CTFO had zero start up costs. It took me about 60 seconds to sign up and I had my website immediately, without any purchase or start up kit required.  This was my #1 reason for joining. 

Inventory Requirements


CTFO does not require you to carry inventory. You will find that they suggest you buy inventory as an option if you intend to retail it at local markets, health fairs or out of a retail location (which makes perfectly good sense). 

Monthly Autoship or CV Requirements


There are no monthly CV or autoship requirements. Surprisingly, they offer a 5% discount if you elect to activate autoship.  If you want to build a team and earn commissions past your first line (Level 1), then you either need to sponsor 10 people or purchase $47 per month (your choice) to capture overrides on levels 2 and beyond. However, you would never need to purchase more than $47 per month to achieve the highest rank in CTFO, which is "Top Gun."  This was my #2 reason to join CTFO as a distributor. 

Compensation Plan Structure


So if you're not familiar with all the MLM terms, don't worry. CTFO is really a uni-level, the simplest type of plan to understand and to use - you simply recruit and the software places all your personal recruits on your Level 1 (immediately below you). You build wide, not deep (like a forced matrix or binary, which involves balancing "legs"). You can view the CTFO Comp plan here. The reason I call it a hybrid is because it throws in a 3 Position Forced Matrix, which essential causes your positions to "tap out" each time there are 3 people under one of your positions - then the 4th person "spills over" below one of the 3. Your recruit is still yours, you still earn credit as their direct sponsor. This is a good thing, as it forces depth and you can receive members from your upline. Nothing I saw inside the CTFO comp plan was alarming to me, it was all good stuff, very easy to follow once you see some charts.  The software does all this for you anyway, placing new recruits in the most effective positions for you. I train people not to think about it, because there's not much you can do about where to place your next team member anyway.

Earning Potential


CTFO does not limit your earning potential, there are no maximum earning limits.

Quality Of Product & Variety

Top Grade / 37 Different Types & Sizes

The oil is exceptionally high-grade. It's non-GMO, organic, and it's grown, processed and packaged in the United States. They supplied lab results which proved the quality and potency of the CBD oil. You can view lab results here. CTFO products consist of 25 different types of products (creams, isolate, oils, rubs, anti-aging items and even some CBD infused pet products). I really liked the variety because it allows me to approach a lot of different types of people as CTFO has something for everyone.

Product Pricing

Market Price

I found competitor's prices well above market, while CTFO has "at market" pricing, which is fair. Some of the affiliates had below market pricing, but I couldn't find any supporting lab testing or sourcing information to verify the quality. I'm happy with the pricing that we have in place, it's very fair for the quality of the products.

Replicated Website


This may be my inner graphic designer speaking, but I found CTFO's replicated websites to be a bit bland. I don't like the "marble" background, or the large text they use. The large green "Join Now" buttons are a throwback to the Web in 1999 and the corporate team photos are almost embarrassing.  I enjoyed a few of the competitor's sites better (colors, layout, functionality and user interface). This is something that CTFO can definitely improve upon, and it's fairly easy for them to do...I think they're in growth mode right now and not too worried about something so minor. I am happy that there's no cost for the site and it includes some good back office features for distributors. I made a video of the CTFO distributor software (it's about 1/2 way down on the page).  The owners have announced a change soon!

Business Owners / Founders

Stuart & Steve Finger

In digging around, I couldn't find anything negative on either of them. 

The Ra Ra Factor

Average Ra Ra

So I've attended a few of the calls, and there's average Ra Ra, nothing too off-putting.  You can expect a little of this with any company, just be careful if it's constantly "ra ra" and no "meat & potatoes"...this is so low on my assessment list, that it really doesn't affect my decision, but I wanted to research this anyway.

Summary:  Why CTFO ranked #1

CTFO offers top-quality products at extremely fair prices.  Its free to join and free to stay in the company.  They don’t force its distributors to purchase upfront or on a monthly basis. Their compensation plan is fair, their website is functional and they have plenty of products to market with one patented product. They have plenty of training material and upline support is always there. Overall, I’d rate this a 5-Star company.

So there you have it, my full CTFO CBD reviews summary.

I’m happy to speak with you directly about the CTFO opporutunity.  As you can tell, because of my research, I have become a huge fan of the company and their products. While there are other great companies out there, CTFO is the place for me.  I can be reached at or by phone at 1-888-444-CTFO.

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