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CTFO Compensation Plan Review

The CTFO Compensation plan is pretty straight forward with its main structure being that of a Uni-Level comp plan. This plan is designed to allow 3 people directly under you to start (the magic happens with person #4 as I explain below). As you may know, a Uni-Level comp plan is the easiest to comprehend and follow.  At it’s core is simplicity, you recruit people and they are all placed on your first level.  That’s pretty much all you really need to know, that when you recruit someone as a new member, two things will happen:  the new member will be on your 1st level, and they will be your direct recruit.  

But the CTFO compensation plan has one little extra benefit, every 4th person you personally enroll, is placed down into your hierarchy, no matter how far the software needs to search in order to find the next optimum spot (this part is a “forced matrix”).  Yes – the computer software finds the ideal spot for them to be placed so you don’t have to worry about the “perfect placement”, all you need to do is focus on sharing this fantastic company and the great products we have.

Check out this CTFO compensation plan video that clearly explains it:


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CTFO Profit Sharing Positions

When you look at the CTFO compensation plan, you’ll notice they have Profit Sharing Positions. This is similar to what is known as “spill over” but CTFO handles this slightly different.  In the video at the 4:50 mark, you’ll notice “You #2” starts to be used.  What this means is that with the 4th person (and every 4th thereafter), the software creates another “you”.  So you will sponsor every 4th person twice, which means you’ll be paid twice on every 4th recruit, and on EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the downline of those people as well.  

Don’t spend too much time on this, as the computer makes the determination where these people will be placed and tracks all this for you.  Your head would explode trying to track it.  When you’re adding 10, 20 or even 30 people per day to your sales team, it can be too overwhelming to track.  Just be assured that the system knows what it’s doing and it does it well.

Because of this Profit Sharing Positions (PSP), the CTFO compensation plan offers something that most others don’t, an opportunity to replicated your original spot, over and over again, without any further financial requirements or effort.  Just start sharing this product line and business opportunity, and watch yourself multiply.

This was a HUGE factor for me to hop on the phone and invite a handful of my close friends to join me in my first week, knowing that in just short several weeks, I’d have a team of 100’s, with my family and friends close to me.  As I sponsor for them, they reap the benefits.  That’s why it’s important to pick your sponsor wisely, if your sponsor isn’t someone that is actively recruiting, then you’re going to need to do all the heavy lifting (not that it’s hard), but if you’re in my organization, you WILL get recruits placed under you – it’s just a matter of time.

The Full Written Compensation Plan Is Here. (pdf format)

To keep this simple, the system automatically places each of your team members in the most beneficial spot inside of your hierarchy.  There’s no real “thinking” about what to do.  That’s why when you first join, don’t worry about it, just have fun promoting your new business and start enjoying the products.  As you become more familiar with the comp plan, you can then learn how to explain it to others. 

One of the coolest features is the fact that you DO NOT need to personally sponsor leaders or people that will become highly ranked, they just need to appear somewhere in your downline.   That means as your team grows, and leaders emerge from anywhere on your team, it increases your rank, whether you personally recruited them or not (just as long as someone in your downline recruited them).

Don’t Let Compensation Plan Confusion Stop You

To be honest, none of the compensation plan elements matter at the beginning of your business building, because you can’t really control it anyway.  So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, DON’T…we can always sit down or schedule a virtual meeting online to walk you through how the CTFO compensation plan works – but for now, take action by joining, order some products to try, and start sharing the business.  This keeps your focus on what will ultimately make you money, and that’s sharing the products and the business with others. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly, and I’ll be happy to help. If you’re ready to sign up, you can join CTFO here ( is the direct link) and you’ll automatically be placed on my team. I will be your direct sponsor.  

Thank you again for your interest!

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