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CTFO Business Review

Thanks for visiting my CTFO review site. In planning to prepare for this site, I researched five of the major CBD Network Marketing (MLM) companies to gather information about which company would be the best choice.  In reviewing each company, I looked at several business variables listed below.

CTFO Review Business Details I Considered

  • Required Start Up Costs – What does the company require a distributor to pay to officially be considered “in business”. This does not include what it would take to qualify as “active” but rather the minimum I would need to start.  This might included website fees, initiation fees, enrollment fees or minimum package fees (inventory grouped with other business fees).
  • Inventory Requirements – Does the company front-load (requires me to purchase lots of inventory up front) and if so, how much does this cost. Are there on-going inventory requirements. 
  • Monthly Autoship or CV Requirements – How much of this stuff am I going to have buy to remain “active” to get my commissions. This was a HUGE issue for me, I hate being forced to consume product.  If the product is good, I should want to consume it…so I placed a lot of weight on this aspect.
  • Compensation Plan Structure – I researched the overall design of the compensation plans, this did not include the earning potential, just the structure like a Uni-Level or Forced Matrix. Also, do I lose CV, my position or commissions if I don’t buy anything for any given time period?
  • Earning Potential – This was kind of tough because every company claims “unlimited” and some cap you at $1MM per year.  I didn’t place too much weight on this one.
  • Quality Of Products & Variety – I was looking for extremely well made products, organic, something I can be proud to represent. I was also searching for a variety of products like sprays, creams, edible drops and any other type of unique items. I have a separate CTFO review on products on this site.
  • Product Pricing – Are the suggested retail prices fair…are the wholesale prices fair? I cannot stand overpriced MLM products, I will not support it and I cannot recommend companies that do this. So this was a very big factor of mine.
  • Replicated Website – What does it do? Is it functional and does the user interface (UI) look appealing.  Is there a “back office” or back end portal for me to manage my business?  Is there a extra monthly cost to this?
  • Business Owners / Founders – Are they legit?  Do they have a bad history?  What’s the back-story…and is it true?  Do they seem like cool people, or are they just assholes?  This matters to me because they affect the culture of the company.
  • The Ra Ra Factor – I used to own an MLM company, I’ve been involved with 3 of them as a distributor, so I know when the “training calls” are fluff & puffery, or what I call “Ra Ra Calls”.  This is the upline leaders trying to stir up sales by encouraging people to front-load or buy more stuff by motivation.  Don’t motivate me to buy, teach me how to market…teach me how to sell…give me product information I don’t have.  This was also a big factor for me personally.  I don’t like Ra Ra calls…they waste time.  I tried to find as many recorded calls online to establish this, but for some companies I had to interview some reps.  

Most of the other things, like Terms of Service or the Rules were too complex to really dive into, and for the most part, every company had similar boilerplate TOS.  So everything above went into my CTFO Review (while comparing 4 other companies along side).

CBD MLM Companies I Researched

  • CTFO 
  • Regenalife
  • Hempworx
  • Kannaway
  • Gemini

As I said earlier, I looked at a TON of other companies for my CTFO review but didn’t find them to be a “traditional” CBD Oil MLM company. They were either a CBD Affiliate program, a brand associated with another larger MLM company, or simply too hard to figure out (which immediately removed them from my list).  Not to say these are bad options, or that their product is poor quality, they just didn’t have some of the features that I was looking for.  Some of them are: 

  • CBD Pure
  • Prime My Body
  • My Club 8
  • Isodiol
  • Hemp CBD Superstore

There are other CBD Network Marketing companies out there, but some were in the UK, Canada, or were just so far removed from any Google searches that they didn’t show up on my radar for this CTFO review project.

I also found a lot of Hemp CBD Oil Statistics along my journey.

And I even found all the nitty gritty technical details about how the US Government states that Industrial Hemp is legal.  Very interesting stuff.


Loved this so much, thought I’d share it, because just like alcohol taxation (to “pay” for the Civil War), all Hemp products will eventually be heavily taxed so Uncle Sam will surely get his cut too…

If you're looking for more great information on Hemp, please be sure to visit and donate to the https://nationalhempassociation.org/.

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